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    Our brand is inspired and created by the laws that govern our universe. It is the understanding of a great many scientists and philosophers as well as us that we are in complete control of our lives. We believe our thoughts and emotions mold our lives and by recognizing this we can be, do, or have all we desire. Some of our clothing will have subtle designs depicting this amazing truth in hopes of subconsciously reaching others around the globe.


    Our mission is simple. We want to empower people and protect earth.

    1. By giving people access to the knowledge of how to live a more fulfilling life. By providing links to help explain the meaning behind the designs on our clothing. These links will also open the mind to the idea that we are more powerful than we have been led to believe.
    2. By paying special attention to ensuring all our production techniques and product are as earth friendly as possible.
    3. By giving 10% of all proceeds to charities and organizations that are focusing on keeping or nursing earth back to perfect health.

    We are confident with our great success that we will inspire existing and starting companies to give more and to awaken to the realization that we have the power to change our lives and the future of our planet.


    All our clothing is created with earth in mind. Our clothing is made in Canada using non-toxic dyes and chemicals. The efforts to preserve the environment while making these garments are excessive but very necessary. Steam from a third party “green” supplier of thermal energy and reclaimed heat and other by-products are used in the dyeing process to reduce emissions.


    Bamboo is hypoallergenic and UV resistant, allowing individuals with sensitive skin comfort year round.

    It is naturally sustained which means it requires no fertilizers or pesticides in its cultivation process and does not deplete the soil of nutrients. It also repels odours and toxins. Not to mention it grows incredibly fast.